Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My necklace made the cover!

 I was elated to find out that my necklace had made the cover of the January issue of Bead Trends magazine. I was inspired by looking through a Sundance catalog (always THE most inspiring catalog to look through!) so I sat down and made this necklace...

And here it is on the cover...
I "kind of" made the cover of another magazine back in 2010. It was the summer issue of Stringing and what made that really cool was that it was my husband's beads (Bubby & McGurk Beads) on that piece. Here it is highlighted in red...

And here is the actual piece...

Fingers crossed on making some more covers in the future....

Have a great day and leave me a comment and make my day ;)


  1. Congrats! That is even more gorgeous in your full shot. I love the surprising color combos and the way those teardrop beads lead your eye. It is thrilling to make the cover and I know you will be gracing more! Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. Love it. Having the center focal be smaller than the beads leading to it is very interesting and effective.

  3. Congrats for being on the cover of Jan Bead Trends. I guess I'll need to renew my subscription! I like how you used the graduated briolettes and the focal. Plus the palette is beautiful too. Well done!!

  4. How wonderful!! That's got to be a great feeling of accomplishment!! I'd be happy!!
    .... Great jewelry!

  5. Congratulations on making the cover. It's a beautiful necklace. Kind of rustic feminine. Thank goodness you included your photo because theirs does not do it justice.

  6. SO happy for both of you. It is sweet to work on a project together. I love the design and I love the other one inside as well. You will be in my blog post when I get to it around the first. Merry Christmas to you and Dean. Cherrie