Thursday, April 18, 2013

Goodies from the Bead Show!

 This past weekend was the Intergalactic Bead Show in Cincinnati and since my birthday was this past Wednesday, well let's just say it was good timing for me. Birthday money spent. Well spent. 

That gorgeous starfish bead is made by Nikki Thornburg of Thornburg Bead Studio and of course I am keeping that one for myself. I bought a cute crab bead from her last year that I treasure!
This yummy stash is made by Jennifer Pottner of Rock Candy Beads. They're all such lovely pieces that I have no idea which one to use first...I will try not to hoard them. 
The components above were purchased at the Ad Adornments booth. I always spend most of my money at this particular booth. I bought most of these crosses there as well.
This last pic is a mixture of things but I do know that I am keeping that turquoise and silver pendant for myself and it will be hard to part with the labradorite links as well. 
What a fun birthday shopping day!