Monday, August 20, 2012

My Gypsy Soul....

So...I don't know what it is with me lately (maybe turning the BIG 4-0?!?) but I have been wanting to change my "style" a bit (like I even have a style really...ha) but there has ALWAYS been a part of me, ever since I was a little girl begging my dad to play Rhiannon over and over in the car, that would like to dress a little "Stevie Nicks-ish", a little boho gypsy perhaps?  The jewelry that I have been making lately is reflecting that and unfortunately I want to keep it all for me..but that won't work..must sell jewelry to buy more beads and supplies, right?!?

The bracelet above started out with the intention of selling it, but I had a copper hand stamped piece on it and then I just knew I had to get out my metal stamps and make this one "mine". So the words "Gypsy Soul" came to mind. I just love it, it's so me!

I also made this necklace...I was inspired by something that one of the Junk Gypsies was wearing on an episode. I have been trying to find it online but to no avail. Btw, LOVE that inspiring!

And I also made these, I won't be wearing all 3 together (I guess I am not THAT gypsy) but earrings with the bracelet or necklace with the bracelet...that would work! 


  1. I absolutely know in my heart of hearts what you mean! I am the same way! I have always had a gypsy soul. lol Your pieces are amazing!! I love them!!

  2. I love that bracelet too. Yes I feel a need to change it up a bit lately but then I am getting ready for a show and what is familiar with my stash seems to be what I work on some with a new twist and always improving my skills. Lots of fun doing the gypsy, boho look. Thats the fun of this biz it is ever changing.