Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Last week I was inspired to do something a little different for me and I have my friend Susan to thank for that! She loved my husband's mushroom beads and wanted a necklace made using 3 of them. Here's a pic of some of the beads, check out his Facebook page if you are interested in purchasing a few for yourself.

She wanted something similar to a necklace she had seen in the Sundance catalog (love that catalog but VERY pricey pieces), here's a pic and a link to the necklace. The necklace shown is on a very short mannequin (it's actually 23" in length but appears much longer).
I played around with adding more beads but since the mushroom beads were small, the ones she chose were .5" they seemed lost with other beads. So, here is what I decided on and the good news? She LOVES it!


  1. Fun! Love the look BETTER than your inspiration piece - and love how Dean is getting creative with the bead shapes and themes too :)

  2. Those mushrooms are absolutely ADORABLE!!! And yes, they hold their own just fine, all by themselves. You used them perfectly! I can't get over how perfect and cute they are...

  3. How cute is that...the mushroom beads...oh my God,they are the cutest pieces I have seen with their brilliant colours and shapes...very cute neck piece.Initial Charms