Tuesday, November 1, 2011

An exciting creative opportunity has come my way...

Heather Powers of Humblebeads asked me to be a contributor on her new blog Earrings Everyday and I am thrilled! There are seven of us and each day there will be a new post on earrings. On the weekend, Heather will spotlight creative ways to store and display our earring collections. So look forward to lots of inspiration and eye candy!  Please consider following our new blog and sharing on Facebook! Thanks :)
I'll leave you with a picture of the first featured earrings by Heather, they are lovely.


  1. So excited for you, Kristy! And looking forward to the new blog!

  2. So excited to be part of this group with you! You made my favorite earrings :) so I am doubly thrilled to work on this together! What a fantastic group Heather picked!

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    thanks :)